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We’re getting dressed up for you. Our shirts are pressed, our aprons fresh, our masks at the ready. We couldn’t be more excited to see you. Before you dine with us, we wanted to share a few things that you should expect across our venues and share some FAQs.

Though some people have been trying to physically distance themselves for years, we love nothing more than greeting you with a handshake, hug or kiss, but will be holding off on this for the moment. If you’d like, ask us for an IOU and redeem it down the track.

Yes, we can take bookings of up to 10 guests. Hopefully we’ll be able to host larger parties soon, but it's up to all of us to make this happen — and that means every single one of us. We understand that our limitations may mean disappointing things for you and that attempts at spontaneous dinners may not yield fruitful or 'pasta-full' results. 

If you cannot find your desired reservation time online, then it unfortunately means it's not available, but you'll cleverly remember to think ahead next time to secure the Ferrari of seating times.  Just know we'll always try to give you the safest and most satiating experience possible, but please bear with us and the governmental guidelines within which we're operating.


After months at home, we anticipate restaurant dining will be the new black for Melburnians, whose love for the shade famously precedes us. Due to demand, we will need you to share credit card authorisation when securing your reservation. Don't worry, you won't be charged prior to your sitting — this is purely to show us you're as serious about showing up as we are about not disappointing our guests who are looking for an available table. For those who don't turn up for their booking, cancellation policies will apply. Let's be fair to each other, deal?


We understand that you don't make the weather — or if you do, please get in touch — so if Melbourne is having a particularly 'Melbourne' moment (Sun, rain, hail, rainbow? Cloudy with a chance of meatballs?), you won't be charged a cancellation fee.

Punctuality is both encouraged and appreciated. Like a well executed degustation, we’ve timed our bookings perfectly so that you won’t be coming through the door at the same time. When departing your table during or after your meal, please remember to put your mask back on — it will miss you if you leave it behind. We also ask that you kindly honour the allocated seating times. They may be slightly shorter than you would like, but the extra time provided on either side ensures that we can sanitise your dining space properly for its next visitor, just as we did for you.

Our tables will be 1.5 metres apart and the hand sanitiser will be flowing alongside the Champagne. There are helpful markers on the floor to show you the best way to safely move around the dining room too. If you have any questions, just ask our staff.

Be ready to sign in — it’s these little details that ensure we’ll all be safe in the future. We’ll only need your name and phone number, and assure you that these will be kept securely for only 28 days. We respect your privacy. If you’re not feeling 100%, please rest up and come in again soon. By looking after yourself, you’re looking after us too.

And lastly, thank you for your amazing support throughout this whole period. It’s been hard to focus on the negatives when we’ve been overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve received from our customers and community. Thank you.

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